wipe your eyes with dirty towel s. After swimming, you

9. Do not jump blindly, you can use evacuation stairs, balconies, plumbing and other escape to save yourself. You can also use rope or tear the sheets and quilts into strips and tie them into ropes, fasten them to window frames, heating pipes and other fixtures, use towels and cloth strips to protect the palms of your hands, slide down the rope, or go down to the unlit floor to get out of danger.

Usually, the mother can do more exercise to stretch the nipple, first apply a warm and wet towel on the nipple, then wash hands, put two thumbs on both sides of the nipple, and then gently pull the nipple to both sides, pulling the areola skin and subcutaneous tissue, so that the nipple protrudes outward. After that, pull the nipple vertically with your fingers. Practice for 5 minutes several times a day to relieve nipple invagination.

wipe your eyes with dirty towel s. After swimming, you

Therefore, when swimming, it is recommended to wear swimming glasses, earplugs, nose clips, etc., do not rub your eyes with your hands or wipe your eyes with dirty towels. After swimming, you should drop eyedrops and take a full shower to avoid other health risks.

First of all, take a bath and wash your hair. Generally speaking, a week after a natural birth and about two weeks after a caesarean section, you can start to take a bath and wash your hair, but it should be noted that for the first time, it is best to take a bath with boiling water mixed with moxa leaves or ginger. Try to keep Yuba on when taking a bath and keep the bath room at the right temperature. Then prepare towels, bath towels and hairdryers in advance. Dry your hair immediately after taking a bath and blow-dry your hair in time to prevent catching cold. Finally, there is a more important point, that is, the body of the pregnant woman who has just given birth is relatively weak, so the bath time can not be too long, it is best controlled within 15 minutes. Family members can also wait at the shower door, so that they can accompany the puerpera and help in an emergency.

The second is symptomatic treatment. After drug allergy, it will usually cause skin swelling and itching. Do not let the baby scratch the skin too much, lest the skin damage cause infection, and do not apply some hormone-containing drugs to the baby at will. You can choose a cold towel to relieve itching and reduce local redness and swelling. After drug allergy causes chest tightness, palpitation, shortness of breath and other uncomfortable symptoms, it is necessary to send the child to see a doctor immediately and pay attention to the timely removal of oral and nasal secretions.

Soak a clean soft towel in warm water, beat the right amount of soap evenly on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat. Dry after wiping the soap, and then wipe it twice with a clean, soap-free wet towel. This method is also suitable for cleaning the plastic parts in the interior of the door and the dashboard. The reason is that soap has strong decontamination power, does not stimulate human skin, and is more practical for cleaning real leather.

A large area of toilet is suitable for installation of ground heating, and almost all such toilets are dry and wet, leaving a large area in the dry area. at this time, the construction of the dry area is the same as that of the room, and the area of the coil is more, and the heat is also enough. the impact on waterproofing is not so great, and such bathrooms are sometimes installed in a combination of floor heating and towel rack radiator to increase the heat dissipation effect of the heating.