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Keep the overall tone simple, with black and white bags, as well as black sandals and slippers, the combination of basic items, it is very decent and generous, simple atmosphere, especially with resistance.

When signing up for a military camp, children must consider cleanliness and hygiene, so parents must prepare personal bath items for their children in advance, including toothpaste, soft toothbrushes, cotton towels and slippers, and put them in a small package for their children to bring when they sign up for military summer camp.

Small commodities like Yepo are basically determined by personal hobbies, such as mahogany, sword, landscape, stone, and so on. The price is not high, but also has characteristics, can be used to give gifts to relatives and friends. The local specialty of Yopo is to buy some fermented pepper, wild sour jujube, walnut, almond and so on. What are the things worth buying in ■ Yepo? ■ travel essential supplies sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen, skin cream, dew, long-sleeved top, slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, web paper, wet towels, flashlight knives, rope

Slippers + socks has become a major trend, this collocation effect is very lazy, feel the home collocation moved to the street, but it will not make people feel weird, now the popular Korean style can often see this collocation figure, socks + Muller shoes collocation can also enrich the sense of hierarchy.

There is also a beach, a big lawn, open-air movies at night, and you can bring dogs to check in. Dogs come here with their families and dogs can run happily. The facilities here are very complete, with a separate bathroom, 24-hour hot water, hairdryer, refrigerator, bath towels for each tent, disposable indoor slippers, outdoor slippers, mineral water, toiletries, two sets of toiletries each, with carpets in the tent, sofas with warm colors and wooden beds, which are very suitable for family travel or hanging out with friends.

Usually, Ma Yunwen will share with everyone the luxury goods she bought, such as clothes or bags. On one occasion, she even spent tens of thousands of yuan on slippers, which is difficult for many people to understand. It is even too obvious for some people to say in the comment area. Now she shows off her wealth so often, there is no need to spend so much money. But maybe for Ma Yunwen, this is not a show of wealth, but her daily life.

(1) when you go swimming, you should bring your own towels, slippers and other personal belongings, and try not to come into contact with the public objects of the swimming place. Keep your personal belongings independently and do not share them with others at any time.

The metal of the bag is silver, relatively younger, with the same color of thick-soled slippers, instantly have a bright spot, can be found in the crowd, suitable for fashionable cool girls.

Bath towels and slippers: Bath towels and slippers are essential items for swimmers. Go ashore after the interval or after swimming, dry your body with a towel, put on a bath towel, Wuhan swimming pool, and put on slippers, which can not only keep warm, prevent colds, but also more hygienic. In winter swimming, it is even more indispensable.

1. Our school is a full boarding high school, and all the students live on campus. The student apartment has a bathroom and bathroom, and the bed is equipped with brown mattresses. Each student in the dormitory is equipped with pine lockers, and students bring their own change of clothes and daily necessities (towels, toothbrushes, soap, washing powder, shampoo, rain gear, clothes hangers, slippers, etc.). The bedding items are purchased by the family committee in contact with the merchants;