clean, gently absorb moisture with a dry towel , and then use

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The second thing is lemon, lemon is a common fruit in life, the taste is very sour, so it is usually diluted with water to make lemonade to drink. In addition to eating lemon, the citric acid it contains also has a good cleaning effect. It is also better to use it to wash towels. Prepare a lemon, cut it into slices, put it into a pot and boil it with water, which is lemonade with very good cleanliness. Soak the dirty towels in lemonade and rub them with your hands. Not only can the stubborn stains on the towels be removed, but also the towels soaked in lemon water will be brighter and whiter in color, and there will be lemon fragrance after washing!

When gas and coal dust explode, workers at the scene and nearby roadways must not panic. When you hear the sound of the explosion and feel the air shock wave caused by the shock wave, you should quickly lie down on your back in the direction of the explosion shock wave, face down, put your head down, and lie on your side in the gutter, facing the side wall of the gutter. Then quickly cover the mouth and nose with a wet towel, put on the self-rescue device as fast as possible, and tighten the clothes on the body to cover the exposed part to prevent the high temperature burn of the explosion. At the moment of hearing the explosion, it is best to try your best to hold your breath to prevent inhalation of toxic and hot gases to burn the internal organs.

In addition, although the organizing committee has set up shower facilities, these shower facilities are actually ineffective for epidemic prevention, and there is even a risk of infection. Because the rain just stood by the swimming pool, in the open air, instead of being closed in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements. So this is also the reason why many national contestants do not use it and prefer to use towels themselves, which is time-consuming, laborious and willing.

Thermos, water cups, towels, etc., no matter what things must be placed in the designated position, including drawers, cabinets, items must be placed neatly, do not put any items that have nothing to do with work, otherwise you will find one hundred at a time!

Since I became pregnant, my hair loss has been extremely serious. I feel like I have hair everywhere at home, except on the sofa, the floor and the bed, which makes me a little anxious every day. Later, I went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that in the second trimester, the mother-to-be will increase sebum secretion because of the increase of androgen, which may lead to folliculitis and hair loss. If you want to effectively deal with sebum secretion, a better way is to wash your hair correctly, choose a neutral shampoo, wash your hair clean, gently absorb moisture with a dry towel, and then use conditioner.

The bathroom in the pool can also be a source of pollution. Almost everyone who has swam will take a shower inside, because the sanitary conditions and equipment are not perfect, towels and other bath products are often randomly placed on railings and faucets. In this way, it is easy to spread the disease, especially in people with weak resistance. At the same time, it also brings the hidden danger of gynecological diseases, unclean paper towels, bath products, sanitary ware and so on may spread gynecological diseases.

When it comes to the beach bar, remember to buy some beautiful vests or tops when preparing your wardrobe, the kind that can be stuffed in a bag and put on a swimsuit at any time, in case someone suggests going to the bar on the way back from the beach. I think the worst thing is to wear a dirty bathing suit in a bar, wrap a towel around your waist, have wet hair, blush and drink heavily, surrounded by elegant and attractive women. I usually carry a small vest and chiffon salon in my beach bag for this occasion, as well as a small makeup bag with some of the simplest necessities: lipstick, blush, eyeliner, tanning lotion.

Japanese women usually use a hidden sanitary towel bag, which looks like a towel on the surface and will not reveal their privacy if they are found. But most mothers are not so careful. They buy sanitary napkins for their children and tell them how to use them. I remember watching a movie in which a girl menstruated, embarrassed to take it to the toilet and sandwiched the sanitary napkin in a book. As a result, the book was snatched by a naughty boy, and the sanitary napkin fell on the floor. The students laughed and the girls blushed with shame.

Carry out mental health and hygiene education for young children at any time, give key guidance to individual children, have the good habit of washing hands carefully and sequentially, do not play with water when washing hands, wipe soap, and wipe hands with their own towels; be able to use tableware correctly, have civilized eating behavior, chew slowly, not picky, and concentrate on eating; keep the table, floor and clothes clean and tidy, wipe your mouth and rinse with water after meals Can enter the sleeping room quietly, put the clothes in the fixed place, go to bed quietly, sleep in the right position.

Plastic towel rack has the advantages of affordable price, durable material, waterproof and moisture-proof, which can meet the daily hanging of the toilet. The disadvantage is that the texture is not very good, it is easy to age, and some are too inferior, and the bearing capacity is not good.