everyone about their duties, and sent them towel s, hand sanitizers, wet

Generally speaking, if the hematoma is not very serious, apply a cold compress with a wet towel with cold water. Basically, you can slowly absorb it after applying it a few times. If the hematoma is very large, or there is a tendency to continue to grow, it is necessary to take the child to see a doctor.

In order to do a good job in labor protection and heat prevention and cooling of workers in the high temperature season, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprise workers, Caixi Town launched the activity of “send cool and caring in summer” on July 24. Through the distribution of chrysanthemum tea, towels and other items to comfort the workers working in high temperature, carry out labor protection supervision and inspection during high temperature, effectively urge enterprises to implement high temperature allowance and industrial injury insurance treatment for heatstroke workers, and strengthen risk control. Prevent and curb the occurrence of all kinds of accidents.

There are also some recliners around the pool, but they look like sponge and cloth covers, so they usually spread a towel before lying down. There are also several artificial leather recliners beside the swimming pool, which should be suitable for lying in the sun in summer.

4. after hearing the fire alarm signal, the students in each classroom quickly get ready, cover their mouth and nose with wet towels, follow the instructions of the counselor or the teacher, and the class cadres assist the teachers at the scene to organize the students. quickly and orderly follow the prescribed route from the safety exit (no elevator) to the designated position outside the building.

Because the stench of the toilet will volatilize, it will lead to daily necessities put in the toilet over time. Such as: towels, toothbrushes and other items will have a strange smell, at this time, we had better also come out of the toothbrush and towels, the treatment method is also simple, we just need to use a basin to fill a little warm water, and then add a few spoonfuls of vinegar, and then separate the towels and toothbrushes to soak in them.

Wet hair: after washing your hair, dry it with a towel or absorbent towel. Wait for the hair to stop dripping, then divide the hair into 5 parts, then smear it along the hair seam with condensation directly, and then blow-dry the hair.

“Thank you for your hard work. I like you. The weather is hot, so be sure to guard against heat. ” On behalf of the municipal party committee and municipal government, Luo Yunfeng highly praised the hard work and selfless dedication of the staff, sinking cadres, and young volunteers who stuck to the front line, and asked everyone about their duties, and sent them towels, hand sanitizers, wet towels, drinks and other condolences for heat prevention and cooling. He encouraged everyone: “you must do a good job in self-protection, pay attention to reasonable rotation, conscientiously perform your duties and responsibilities, and contribute to the epidemic prevention work of the whole city.”

The hot war in peacetime is far away from us, and the game between cultures is booming. Japanese animation, music and tea ceremony are all well known. From childhood to old age, Japan, whether twenty or eighty years old, has exquisite makeup and decent clothes. Many Japanese girls are good at skin care, never use towels to wash their faces, but use a kind of facial towels, so their skin is well maintained.

If you have ice packs or cold towels, you can also apply them locally. Do not lean your head back or lie down. If after such pressure, ice compress for 10 minutes, there is still bleeding, it means that there may be more serious bleeding, this situation is the need to go to the hospital.

6. After swimming, dry your ears with a towel, then tilt your head and pull the earlobe so that water can flow out of the ear holes. If there is still water in your ears, try a hair dryer to dry the ear holes, but pay attention to controlling the wind speed, temperature and distance of the hair dryer.

He handed over the affairs of his company to his assistant and went to another hospital to have the operation removed as Cheng Mumei. In the hospital, he lives in a single ward, does not chat with other patients, but lies calmly in the hospital bed, quietly receiving all treatment. After the doctor left, he would put a towel on his forehead and let the towel get wet and dry by the wind.