choose guava for fruit after lunch , so guava can not only supplement vitamin C

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Always choose a suitable thermal insulation lunch box with food, so what brand is good for the thermal insulation lunch box? Taifugao, Japan, as one of the top ten brands of thermal insulation lunch boxes, has been the first seller in the industry for ten consecutive years. It can be seen that Taifu high thermal insulation lunch box brand credibility, has been trusted by many consumers. After months of fighting against the “epidemic”, we have deeply realized that we should fear nature and cherish life. Especially living at a fast pace, many people often ignore the importance of healthy eating, so try to say goodbye to takeout and make some delicious and healthy lunches to bring to the company.

Both fitness people and people who are losing weight will often choose to eat some salad. now there are a wide variety of salads on the takeout menu, including a variety of vegetables, meat, eggs and grains. But salads known for their health can also be turned into high-energy foods because of too much salad dressing. Sauces such as Thousand Island Sauce and Caesar Salad Sauce, as we all know, have at least 60 or 70 calories in a teaspoon (about 10-15 grams), and a small box of take-out sauce has at least two tablespoons, and many people add a sandwich to the salad, so that the energy of a diet meal is no different from that of a regular lunch. Not only is it a fat-reducing salad, many people also add sauces to other foods: sesame sauce in cold noodles, ketchup in western fast food, sweet and hot sauce in rice, and so on.

choose guava for fruit after lunch , so guava can not only supplement vitamin C

For women, often eating Chinese wolfberry can also play the effect of whitening and beauty. Many health experts will suggest that women can choose Chinese wolfberry to make their afternoon tea after lunch. Chinese wolfberry has a good effect of nourishing qi and tonifying blood. For women, it is definitely more effective than most masks, so you might as well give it a try.

It seems that using an insulation cup, whether it is “cooking” noodles or “cooking” porridge, is feasible and tastes good. Busy office workers, if you are used to eating in the canteen and are afraid that eating out will cost a lot, you can try to use a thermos cup for lunch. Whether from a health or economic point of view, it is very important to change the filter membrane of the water purifier regularly.

An insulated box contains lunches for more than 20 teachers and students. At this time, the teacher moved out a wooden frame with a display board, which is their “queuing meal management system”. If you want to eat, stick your avatar in the table area; if you still want to play, paste your avatar in the game area; if you want to eat and there are no seats, post yourself in the waiting area. In this arrangement, teachers are well aware of the wishes of each child at that moment and his or her position in the garden at that moment; each child can freely choose what to do according to his or her own will, maintain a sense of the external environment, and have a general impression of where his companions are doing; more importantly, while waiting, both adults and children are reasonably arranging their bodies and managing their emotions. This is a typical “resource limited” scene, with limited tables, limited lunches, and limited time. However, there was no collision, no scramble, no noise, no urge, no interruption.

choose guava for fruit after lunch , so guava can not only supplement vitamin C

On January 7, the charity student aid activity jointly organized by Kunming Red Cross, Boxiao Love Alliance and Chuncheng Love team was held in Haiwei Primary School of Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County. The event donated 83 love bags, including socks, down jackets, sports shoes, thermos cups, lunch boxes, pencils, schoolbags and other items, totaling more than 20,000 yuan.

The mine leader said: the current coal situation is not optimistic, but the replacement of thermal insulation lunch boxes is related to the work and life of workers can not be delayed, it is necessary to do good things quickly, so we are the first in the group to replace thermal insulation lunch boxes.

More than ten minutes later, Xiaoxia and a group of girls entered the classroom talking and laughing, but ignored me. After going home for lunch, I went to the school playground to play Paiyuanbao. I saw the senior boys who teased me and Xiaoxia, one of whom was holding a snake in his hand. The snake seemed to be dead, with two heads drooping. It should be the one I saw in the morning. The boy swung the snake in the air like a towel, which drew all the students around. The boy suddenly got rid of it, the snake flew into the air, and everyone looked up. The noon sun shines on the colorful body, it suddenly wriggles, flies in the air like a dragon in a cartoon, and finally falls into the weeds on the edge of the playground. The senior boys ran to the grass and caught it back, but the onlookers suddenly lost interest and went to play their own games. Only a few people and I watched from a distance and saw them find stones and beat the two-headed snake to pieces.

choose guava for fruit after lunch , so guava can not only supplement vitamin C

Guava, women can choose guava for fruit after lunch, so guava can not only supplement vitamin C but also effectively relieve menstrual edema. Beef, beef is rich in tryptophan, many women in the menstrual period those days, at night will appear insomnia symptoms, more tryptophan supplement, can improve sleep quality.

At 11:00 every working day, Su Cui-Chan, a volunteer with four lunches on her back, and her fellow volunteers, who are affectionately called “aunts” by the neighbors, will set out on time to provide free “love lunches” to the elderly in need in the community.