nap, and learn to fold their own towel blankets with the

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Health care: learn to wear and take off clothes, shoes and socks in order; gradually develop the habit of falling asleep on time and sleeping independently. Pay attention to training children to sleep in the correct position during the nap, and learn to fold their own towel blankets with the help of the teacher. Order electric mosquito incense in the nap room, and some young children use mosquito repellent to do a good job of mosquito prevention. Teach young children to develop the good habit of not picking food and loving eating vegetables, and train them to master the correct methods of gargling and wiping their faces after meals. Remind children to take a bath and change clothes every day to be a healthy and hygienic baby.

Let the child remember that when there is an adult nearby when there is a fire, notify the adult or call 119. If the fire is already serious, you should cover your nose with wet towels or clothes as soon as possible and escape through the passageway with less fire.

Select swimming places with good reputation, standardized management and qualified inspection by the health supervision department. In order to save costs, many irregular swimming places will reduce the number of water changes, reduce the number of disinfection or disinfectant delivery, and reduce the necessary configuration facilities, and in order to make a profit, there are usually no restrictions on the entry of patients with skin diseases. When you go swimming, you should bring your own towels, slippers, bath towels and other personal belongings. Try not to use the public items provided by the swimming place. Take a shower before swimming, rinse off the sweat, so as not to pollute the pool water such as urea in the sweat, and enter the pool through foot-soaking disinfection pool. Appropriate activities should be taken before entering the pool, and try not to sit on the floor by the pool, especially when girls sit on it at will, it is easy to cause mold infection. It is best to wear eye protection glasses and earplugs during swimming, and control the swimming time not to be too long. After swimming, you should also rinse your mouth and take a bath in time. It is best to wipe the skin with some bath lotion, and then rinse it off to prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

nap, and learn to fold their own towel blankets with the

Acne muscle needs to do a good job of cleansing every day, in addition to choosing mild cleansing products, but also pay attention to do not use towels after cleansing, after all, towels are relatively rough and easy to stimulate acne, so it is most appropriate to gently suck dry with towels or paper towels after using cleansing products.

That day, the family of four went out together, and when they came back, Ah Liang was the only one left. The shabby house looked even more deserted without the noise of women and children. At night, he wiped his face with a wet towel and lay on the bed. The alcohol he drank during the day was almost volatilized, and he was very awake in the dark.

1, swimming must choose qualified (health permit) swimming pool, wear goggles, do not wear contact lenses. Be careful to wash your hands with running water and never rub your eyes when your hands are dirty. Avoid mixing towels and bath utensils.

Prolonged use of electronic products can easily lead to eye dryness, visual fatigue and other discomfort, so it is necessary to strictly control the time children spend using electronic screens every day. Children under 3 years of age should avoid exposure to electronic products, and preschool children should use electronic products as little as possible. Primary and secondary school students follow the phrase “20mur20mur20” on the video screen. After watching the electronic screen for 20 minutes, they look up at 20 feet (6 meters) for more than 20 seconds. By closing your eyes, overlooking, and doing eye exercises correctly, you can have a full rest for your eyes. You can also close your eyes with a hot towel and apply it for 15 minutes, or use eye drops to relieve symptoms and go to the hospital if necessary. When watching electronic products, you should blink more consciously.