ear, parents can use towel s or soft cotton

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Its small back basket radiator, not only can fully meet the heating needs of the toilet, and exquisite modeling, soft color, the overall environment of the toilet played a role in embellishment, decoration. The beauty of life naturally extends to any corner of the home. More importantly, the small back basket also has super-practical functions. The front part of the small back basket is bent into a U-shaped pipe, forming two protruding parts. These two parts are used to hang towels, clothes and other daily necessities to facilitate people to take a bath in the bathroom.

ear, parents can use towel s or soft cotton

1. The individual materials of the plastic stadium are afraid of water, and the glue will produce a large bubble when it encounters a drop of water before it is initially solidified, so the builders should * wipe off sweat with towels under high temperature conditions. and * weather conditions and emergency measures to prevent sudden showers. The laying of a plastic runway should avoid the morning in case the temperature is too low, there is heavy fog or the ground humidity is high.

During the period of keeping a distance from the mouth of the meal, the assistant class of the main class led the children to wash their hands in seven steps, and the teacher distributed towels and cutlery to the children, wore bibs, and divided meals for the children at lunch.

I threw her a towel and motioned to her to wipe it. In order to drive away the fear of cold and darkness for the girl, I set the fireplace on fire, and the dry pieces of wood burned quickly, and the small attic was soon covered by a dark, yellow fire on a dark, rainy night.

ear, parents can use towel s or soft cotton

If too much earwax causes the baby to scratch the ear, parents can use towels or soft cotton swabs to clean the outside of the ear canal hole, or rub the auricle to help discharge cerumen. If they are difficult to handle, they can go to the hospital to deal with it.

If parents and friends come to the park on March 1 to sign up and want their children to try the garden, our park can provide two days of trial time. Parents need to prepare a change of clothes, water bottles and towels for their young children. New children will be recorded in the registration of the long pass of the park. The front desk will be responsible for the garden director to assign a special person to take care of the children to help them adapt.