spread it on the beach , lie down and

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Having breakfast the next morning, and then taking the children to the swimming pool, the children especially like it, which should be the key activity for the children of this age group. They should be given a towel card when they check in, and they can use it after swimming. The card is unlimited. Then have lunch, take a nap and go to the beach to pick up shells and take pictures, and then have dinner. Watching the music show after dinner (the children laugh back and forth), the biggest feeling here is to eat all day. [covering face]

spread it on the beach , lie down and

Green lawns and white buildings can create a romantic atmosphere, which has become a mecca for outdoor weddings. In addition, visitors can bask in the sun, have picnics, camp and play on the beach in Aiwan.

1. Gate No. 1: gate No. 1 is the choice of most tourists. Generally, there are more tourists flying kites and sea views in this door. Walking along the coastline, you can also see many interesting sand sculptures. Of course, we can also take picnic cloth, spread it on the beach, lie down and blow the sea breeze, bask in the sun, and build our own sand sculptures, but the ultraviolet rays at the seaside are more intense, so we should remember to do a good job of sun protection.

spread it on the beach , lie down and

Fuguo Island Resort Novotel Hotel? The hotel has complete facilities to provide comfortable accommodation for guests. The rooms are extremely comfortable and elegantly decorated and are equipped with many convenient amenities, some of which are equipped with free tea, wardrobes, towels, wooden floors, slippers and so on. Guests can enjoy the leisure facilities in the hotel, including yoga room, snorkeling, private beach, fitness center, sauna and so on.

Sunbathing or group activities of any kind are not allowed on the beach during the limited time, and items such as towels, blankets, chairs, ice compressors and barbecue grills are not allowed on the beach.