summer tote bags for women 2023 beach

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Summer to the seaside swimming should pay attention to: 1, summer sea water bath to choose a clean sea area, do not go to remote waters. To strengthen personal protection, you must not directly grab or catch caught seafood with your hands, and do not use your hands when you encounter jellyfish floating on the surface of the sea. Unknown species of sea life on the beach cannot be picked up or touched with their hands. 2. once stinging animals are stung, towels and clothes can be used to wipe off tentacles or venom attached to the skin. Do not wipe them directly with your hands. Do not rinse with fresh water, fresh water can promote thorn cell launch, can be washed with sea water. If possible, rinse or spray the affected area with alkaline solution; apply 10% sodium bicarbonate solution locally. And see a doctor in time.

In conclusion, a black and white stripe beach bag embodies everything we love about summer: style, practicality, and a touch of timeless elegance. With its durable and spacious construction, this bag ensures that you have everything you need for a day at the beach while effortlessly complementing any outfit. Its versatile nature allows it to remain a staple accessory long after the summer season ends. So, as you gear up for those sun-soaked days ahead, make sure to invest in this must-have accessory that perfectly balances fashion and function. Happy beach days await!

summer tote bags for women 2023 beach

In the afternoon, my husband temporarily made an appointment with his colleagues to play in Rihu Park, and each brought snacks, fruits, play tools, picnic mats, etc., where they were covered with picnic mats, filled with food, chatted and laughed, and took the children to the beach to play in the sand and wade. All this is another good feeling.

The coastline of Fangchenggang is as long as 580 kilometers, and there are many places suitable for picnics. Usually, citizens will choose the second phase of the city beach in the urban area, while tourists prefer places such as Sanshi Ocean Park, Shanxin Beach and Pak Sha Wan.

Four Seasons Hotel almost monopolizes the entire Danronglu coast, and beach sports and water sports are naturally unambiguous. Beach volleyball, football, rowing, windsurfing and catamaran are all free to play. Of course, you can also take part in hotel activities to explore the outlying islands in the south by boat or motorboat. The guide will also take you to the uninhabited beach and enjoy a private island picnic.